Sunday, January 3, 2010

These Are Special Times

This New Year brought a much more meaningful fresh start for our family. Abigail Jean Woodruff received her Baby Blessing from her father on January 3rd. Our sweet baby Abby attended church dressed in a gown hand made lovingly for her by her Grandma. Many of our friends and family members were able to make the trip and come witness and assist in introducing and naming our little girl.

Watching friends and family stand in a circle around her and give her the first blessing of her life brought me happiness. Knowing that she is loved and surrounded by those who will set examples of the gospel principles, who will guide her down the straight and narrow path brings me unmeasurable joy.

On the morning of her blessing we had a brief breakfast before it was time to get Abby dressed and ready. Both of her grandmas helped in getting her ready. I even had time to quickly get my hair done.
Here is the entire family group who traveled from near and far. I was especially grateful that my mother and father were able to make their flights and that Mr Darling's parents were willing to make the drive from Arizona for the fourth time in as many months. It was wonderful to see our little girl surrounded by people who love her.

And further proof that Abby does, on occasion, fuss. After two solid hours of being passed around from person to person she resorted to her adorable little cry to try and motivate someone to (pretty please) feed her.
So her first white dress event has passed. The dress hangs on the nursery wall, a reminder of that special day. I know she can't remember the day of her blessing. I only hope that when she grows up she can look at the dress, the pictures and realize that she is loved, wanted and blessed by her family.


eve said...

that dress is so beautiful! i really wish we could've been there, too. we totally planned on it, but the silly boys went and got sick.. it looks like you had a good support system, though!
she is SO beautiful, amanda- i can't get enough of her.

Cherri said...

So have you started writing that book yet.... or at least started considering a subject. This post is more evidence of the need!