Monday, January 11, 2010

Photographs and Memories

Our little lady has already had her first photo shoot. Abigail's excited daddy booked a session months before Abigail was born with the fabulous Katie at Peekaboo Photos. If you are expecting an addition to your family, she is a fantastic newborn photographer! Mr Darling and I are just so thrilled with how all of these pictures turned out, from the Princess and the Pea to classic family photos. You can find more pictures of our sweet Abby, as well as information on Peekaboo Photos here.
Behind the scenes, you will find hairdryers, space heaters, pacifiers and parents nervous that their little one will not cooperate.

Katie is super experienced and manages to keep Abigail warm and asleep for the entire 3 hour shoot!
Here are a few of my favorite results! Here I am with my little Baby Abby! She is already so much bigger and it has only been three weeks!
This is one of favorites. How she gets infants to sit like this is pure magic (and a little photoshop)
Here is our proud papa. He looks wonderful holding our baby girl! The resemblance is so uncanny. Abby has his nose and lips and when she smiles, it is all him!
I love this sweet shot! I guess I just want proof that she is a little angel. So sweet!
There are many more pictures, but blogger is so obnoxious that I will probably leave it at these few. I am glad that we were able to capture this unique time in her life on film! She is simply so much fun to hold and cuddle right now. Blogging with her snoring on my lap is a new addition to my list of favorite things. And three nights in a row now she has slept for a consecutive six hours. Of course, I don't sleep for six hours since I still hear her screaming in my sleep. I hope that hallucination passes soon!


Rachel said...

Very Beautiful Amanda! And dont worry, I use to hear Ashlynn screaming while I was showering, napping, etc... I'd run to check on her and she'd be quiet as a mouse. It's a mom thing. And it doesnt go away. :)

Kimber and Casey said...

ah!!! i want to see this cute little girl again! It's been too long (cough cough a week)! casey and i were saying how we want to come over this week!

and have you changed to the ne version of blogger? it's way way way easier and faster to upload photos

eve said...

i am dying over these pictures! they are SO sweet! i don't know why but we haven't ever gotten professional pictures with a newborn. these make me want to!
she is so adorable. how can you resist framing ALL of them??
and the phantom crying- i can totally relate, too. it's like the sound gets tatooed onto your brain, and it's impossible to tell if it's real or not. so frustrating. don't worry, it does go away- if not completely, it gets extremely rare!

Sarah Jane said...

She is so CUTE!!! I'd even say one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. Sorry Soy boy! Seriously, if I would have been born with those lips.. my life would have been much happier.

Good job Amanda and Weston!