Thursday, January 14, 2010

On The Shelf

Many of you already know that I am a passionate reader. What many of you don't know is how with that  particular hobby comes a collection of books. What to do with all of them has baffled me for years.

Until Christmas, my books had lived in piles on the floor, tucked in the top shelves of closets and even at friends' house. I found lending books to be a form of storage.  I regularly went through my library and made painful cuts, donating those I didn't think I would read regularly or that I wouldn't want to share with my children to the library. Despite these sacrifices, the pile near the side of my bed grew and grew and grew.

I even tried purchasing bookshelves, but they never held very much and eventually they collapsed under the weight.

At Christmas, all that changed. My sweet father, in between watching my baby and doing the dishes, found time to build me these AMAZING bookshelves. Now, there is no scary pile threatening to mutiny if I don't pick them up and read them. He built one into each nook in our bedroom and now all of my books, even the tall music books, the bulky photo albums, and the necessary but not fun ones - yes, thesaurus, I am talking to you - have a home. All of my series can sit side by side and I can *actually find* what I am looking for!!!

So, thank you, wonderful father of mine. I love love love my Christmas present. And I am STILL so grateful for the help you were with my tiny baby.


Jake and Jessica Fillmore said...

Amanda those are the most beautiful family photos. You are glowing as a mother and your baby is so angelic. Truly what life is all about- those happy moments.

Cherri said...

What a great Dad and the top new photo is wonderful!