Sunday, January 31, 2010

Puppy Love

We have the best dog. Not to disparage any other dog owners, but Callie never ceases to make me smile.

Since bringing home our new bundle of joy, our sweet puppy has not received the same level of attention she is used to. She has taken it in stride and rather than reacting jealously to this little creature who has upset her routine and stolen her human's time and attention, she has welcomed, inspected, protected and comforted our sweet baby. I am so proud of her and happy we have her. 

At first, Callie seemed cautious about touching the baby, always turning to look at us before getting close to her. Now, she walks right up and plants big, slobbery puppy kisses over Abby's face. Abby just smiles and stares at her new friend.
Callie is fascinated by everything Abby does. When I feed Abby, Callie sits right next to me and I can pat her head as Abby eats. First thing in the morning, Callie races up the stairs to see what Abby and I are doing in the nursery. Diaper changing time is anathema to her. She always wants to see what we are doing with "her puppy" when we put the baby on the changing table.
She also feels that covering Abby's hands is some form of torture. She constantly tries to pry the mittens off of Abby's hands.
If we leave Abby alone in a room other than the nursery, Callie lays right near her. She does not think that Abigail should EVER be left alone in her swing, car seat, or on the floor.
We love our little (for a lab) puppy and are so excited to see them play together as they grow up together.


eve said...

good girl, callie! i loved this post, it's fun to hear/see how callie is reacting to the newest member of the family. so cute.

AMa said...

That's so cute.

Sean said...

That is so cool. Nearly brings tears to my eyes. Best dog ever, no doubt!