Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Angels Among Us

I realized this morning that my house was blessed this holiday season with angels. I also had the unhappy realization that my angels have left.

With all of the company that we had in and out of our home and in Arizona with my husband's family, I was constantly in awe of what was accomplished while I slept. This morning I awakened thinking I heard Abby crying (a pretty common hallucination right now) only to check on her and find that she had a clean diaper, her pacifier and her sleep sheep on. The sleep sheep only runs for about 40 minutes, so some blessed angel had come in and taken care of my baby so I could sleep. I also found my house completely empty except for Weston, myself and sweet little Abby. Weston was sleeping and said it wasn't him. My wonderful mother must have done this chore for me before she left for the airport this morning.

The other night I despaired at my messy house, only to come down after feeding the baby at midnight and find the kitchen sparkling and my father wiping off the counter. In Arizona, I would find myself overwhelmed by Abby's crying, unable to figure out what was wrong, when my mother in law would sweep in, take and calm my baby so I could calm myself. I have come home several times to find that neighbors and friends have dropped off food, treats, and offers to help. How can I thank all of these wonderful people?!

I am so blessed and so grateful for this help. The introduction to parenting has been so much easier due to the amazing people I am surrounded with! With that in mind, I would like to throw a general thank you out to all of you. Even just posting happy thoughts in my comments has helped! So thank you, everyone!

Happy New Year to everyone and may your 2010 be blessed with angels, love, and hope.


The Searle Family said...

Im so glad you have had so much help, that first few months are so hard with a new baby, your life completely changes and you feel like a walking zombie with no energy or sleep. Each month gets better and better! Abby is so sweet and I wish we could meet her:) Hope you guys are doing well!

Hill Family said...

having help makes it so much more enjoyable when your new at this. Addie was a fussy baby, mostly because she wasn't pooping and didn't get much to eat, but as a new parent I didn't know that, I probably should have stopped breast feeding sooner than I did, like not much past 6 weeks but these are thing you'll learn as you grow into the role. This is such a wonderful time for you and Weston but its also just as challenging, be patient! Glad you have had a wonderful holiday season and New Year
love to you guys

eve said...

i am so glad you've had good help! that makes all the difference. i am sorry i haven't done ANYTHING, but i will come through eventually! we are almost healthy enough now, so any day!

Cherri said...

It was all so wonderful to be a part of.... glad we are family! love love love.... :)