Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Of Mine

Today is Abigail's one month birthday. One month ago this morning we first met our little girl and fell instantly in love. I can't believe it has been this long. I can't believe she hasn't been with us forever.
We have learned so much about her in the last month. Mr Darling and I now know that you can spoil a baby by never putting them down. Abby can barely handle being put down for even 15 minutes. She LOVES to cuddle. If you put her head right over your heart, tuck her feet under her tummy and cover her with a blanket she will sleep like an angel. She doesn't prefer any one person. She just wants to be held and be warm.
She only cries if she has a reason. If I go through the normal checklist (hungry, diaper issue, cold, exhausted, wants to cuddle) and she still cries I am missing something.
She gives fair warning before she cries. If you don't pay attention to the little noises, she will scream like a banshee. Once she is screaming it is much harder to calm her down. She gets on a roll and won't pay attention to anything else. Her Grandparents and Daddy are the best at getting her to calm down once she slips into her angry screams.
She wants to move. All the time. I think she will be an even happier baby when she can finally move around on her own.
Right now, her favorite distractions are the ceiling fans and the lights. She LOVES lights. If you cuddle her in a place where she can see a light, she is simply mesmerized. I wonder if it reminds them of heaven somehow....

Mostly, I have learned that I can love this new little person. Happy One Month Birthday, Sweet Baby Abby. I am glad you are growing and I am excited to watch you change every single day!


Kimber and Casey said...

haha those 4 shots are so funny!!!!! that girl is so stinkin cute!

eve said...

she is adorable! i am glad you feel like you are getting the hang of things, i hope that continues to be the case.
i love these pictures- i can't get enough!