Thursday, December 31, 2009

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

This year, we braved the wilds of highway 89, flat tires in the middle of nearly vacant indian territories, frequent stops to feed our 8 day old infant and the freezing cold weather, snow and crazy drivers to visit balmy Arizona and Weston's family.

On Christmas Eve-Eve Weston's Aunt Jean and Uncle Bill joined the Woodruff's for dinner. My mother in law prepared a LOVELY dinner which I didn't help with...I still feel guilty, but I am so GRATEFUL that she did prepare it and plan such a wonderful evening where we got to exchange lovely gifts. This evening made some great memories!
Then came Christmas morning. Weston got new dirtbike gear and the dog was completely baffled by the whole event. We are glad Callie got to be included (Thank you, Sam!)
I already had my biggest Christmas gift but Weston and his family continued to spoil me.
Here is the whold gang and the HUGE pile. How did we ever open all of those in one day?!
And, of course, a photo from the traditional ambush of the Whatcotts. Everyone was COVERED in Silly String except for Abigail and I. We were granted exemptions just this once.
And Abby got the most gigantic teddy bear from Weston's parents. It is about four times the size she is! But she looks just so adorable in her bear's lap.
So thank you for looking at our Christmas photos. We had a wonderful time and we were really really grateful for all of the grandparents, aunts and uncles who helped with our cute little addition!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sunday Morning

Today was Abby's first day attending church. I will admit I was a bit nervous taking her out in a very public (germ-infested) place, but I gathered my courage and got her dressed and ready. Her little dress looked so HUGE on her tiny 3 week old body!
We went to a ward in Mesa where Abby's grandfather and Uncle Kirk were speaking. Kirk's talk was fantastic and I was excited to hear Sam speak when Abby decided she didn't want to be in her carrier any longer. Even though I was assured that Abby's little cries were too quiet to disturb anyone, I spent most of the rest of the meeting trying to keep her calm and quiet.
Here she is with her Granny on the same Sunday. She is simply a beautiful little angel and we are so glad that Heavenly Father sent her into our family. What a wonderful Christmas gift she has been!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Could we have been given a better Christmas present? Is there a better way to remember the birth of our Lord than welcoming a new little daughter of God into our home?

I can't think of one gift I would rather have. I think maybe some other people out there like her too.
So from our house, to yours, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas To All

We are wishing everyone a VERY merry Christmas!

This year, our big gift to each other is a beautiful, healthy little girl who is just a delight. Despite giving up sleep, regular schedules, showers etc, we are so happy to have her!

My sweet husband had pink cigars for the boys!
And we got home as quick as we could so we could enjoy our adorable, tiny bundle!
Look at her hair!!!! We absolutely love playing with it and it is SO soft!
And I don't think I could have done it without my mom! She spent Abby's first week with us and we are so grateful for her help!!! Doesn't she look great with a little grandbaby!
I hope your Christmas is as blessed as ours!

Monday, December 14, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

On Saturday, December 12th, I woke up in the dark of the morning to the knowledge that my baby was on her way. I felt relieved and scared and excited and nervous. I imagine all expecting moms feel like that as their body announce the beginning of a new little life. I tried very hard to lay still, to not disturb my sweet husband, and for a few hours, I was successful. But, by 7 am it was very hard not to bolt up in bed as each little spasm worked its way through my body.

Once it was light out, I got up, still trying to let Mr. Darling sleep but hoping that just being vertical would help. It didn't. 

The clouds hung thick and low. Their great, grey presence set my mood. It was hard to be excited while my body betrayed me, but I tried to just keep busy. I sewed Christmas presents, scrubbed the floors on my hands and knees, vacuumed, and once my pains were too close together and I was too tired to do much more, I laid on the couch and watched Night At The Museum 2. I have NO IDEA what that movie was about. I think we ordered pizza for dinner, but that too was a blur.

By 1 am on Sunday, my contractions were over 1 minute long and 4 or 5 minutes apart. Weston grabbed my bag and we headed to the hospital. I felt like I was watching myself from overhead. I remember trying to walk carefully. The driveway had frozed solid and snow was falling thick and wet on top. The slick surface made me nervous. Once in the car, I watched the clock waiting for the next contraction and praying it wasn't a false labor. Weston drove slow. We could barely see the road through the snow. Soon enough, we were in the hospital and the nurse announced that I was officially in labor. 

I tried the natural birth thing, but after more than 24 hours of labor, I was exhausted, and gave in to the offer of an epidural. And I am so so glad I did! Within an hour my body had relaxed enough to start pushing. With my extremely supportive husband and super experience nurse, I began the actually baby delivering process. Two brief hours after that at 9:15 am, Abigail Jean was born into our family. Weston loved her from the moment he laid eyes on her. 
My first visitor was my mom, of course. She brought balloons for me and cookies for the nursing staff. She is just wonderful that way. 
Soon after, my husbands family came to visit. First, Uncle Scott and Auntie Megan came by and loved on my beautiful little girl. Then Kimber and Casey came to see her. She calmly let everyone pass her around. My sweet husband passed out pink cigars for the boys!
And we got home as quick as we could so we could enjoy our adorable, tiny bundle!
Look at her hair!!!! We absolutely love playing with it and it is SO soft!

(Picture by Angie of AM Photography)

Thank you thank you everyone for the visits, well wishes, and outpouring of love. We are simply enthralled with this new little baby and so grateful to know that she already has so many people who love her. We can't wait to get to know her!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our new bundle of Joy

Amanda and I are pround to announce the birth of Abigail Jean Woodruff. She was born at 9:15 this morning, 7 pounds 5 ounces. She is healthy, happy and VERY cute. Amanda was increadible! We feel so blessed that everything went well and there were NO problems.

More to come once we catch up on our sleep; here is Amanda and a 5min old Abby.