Thursday, December 31, 2009

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

This year, we braved the wilds of highway 89, flat tires in the middle of nearly vacant indian territories, frequent stops to feed our 8 day old infant and the freezing cold weather, snow and crazy drivers to visit balmy Arizona and Weston's family.

On Christmas Eve-Eve Weston's Aunt Jean and Uncle Bill joined the Woodruff's for dinner. My mother in law prepared a LOVELY dinner which I didn't help with...I still feel guilty, but I am so GRATEFUL that she did prepare it and plan such a wonderful evening where we got to exchange lovely gifts. This evening made some great memories!
Then came Christmas morning. Weston got new dirtbike gear and the dog was completely baffled by the whole event. We are glad Callie got to be included (Thank you, Sam!)
I already had my biggest Christmas gift but Weston and his family continued to spoil me.
Here is the whold gang and the HUGE pile. How did we ever open all of those in one day?!
And, of course, a photo from the traditional ambush of the Whatcotts. Everyone was COVERED in Silly String except for Abigail and I. We were granted exemptions just this once.
And Abby got the most gigantic teddy bear from Weston's parents. It is about four times the size she is! But she looks just so adorable in her bear's lap.
So thank you for looking at our Christmas photos. We had a wonderful time and we were really really grateful for all of the grandparents, aunts and uncles who helped with our cute little addition!

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Cherri said...

Oh my goodness she has grown soooooooooo much! Can't believe my eyes!