Sunday, May 31, 2009

There Is Beauty All Around

My dear husband is exercising his creative muscle and capturing some beautiful moments and putting normally unpleasant items into a lovely light.

For instance, this thistle is something I would have simply looked at and avoided as a nuisance. Mr Darling sees beauty that may not be on the surface.

And this little lady would have captured my interest, but I don't think I could have expressed it the way my talented husband can. I LOVE ladybugs!I find that marriage reveals new facets of personalities on a regular basis, and while I knew my husband was creative, I don't know that I had thought of him as an artist. I have changed my mind. And I have learned something new about my husband after living together for 5 years. Life is truly remarkable.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Frames Can't Catch You...

So after much encouragement from family, friends and P-Diddy, I have been getting back into photography and really enjoying it. We have some very cute little neighbors that were all but begging to be photographed. Anyway, let me know what you think...

Incase you were wondering why Jade's lawn always looks so is your answer!

I'm trying to get more practice with a new camera, so if you would like your pictures taken, please let me know because I'm only doing a very limited number of shoots...j/k, I'll take whatever I can get ;-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sunny Side Up

I recently got a hair cut. I once again decided to get bangs. I immediately regretted it. 

But, then I got a few pictures taken (because I am vain and want a few more "skinny pictures" before chubby pictures.)

And now I don't hate my haircut so much.

Thank you, Berrio Photographers! You can check out their photo blog here:

Also, I don't think I like playing "crack the egg" on a trampoline. I ended up showing A LOT of leg. 

So, I can't not post my most embarrassing photo. I don't know why I insist on humiliating myself on the amazingly public and connected blogosphere.

And, I think I landed sunny side up....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

So, this week, Mr. Darling and I "saw" our baby for the first time. Baby Darling is just a bit over two inches long. We are so fascinated by the fact that we already have baby pictures. I mean, seriously, how cool is that?

It has been said that we want a boy. I would like to quell the rumor. Mr. D. jests that he would like a little boy. I simply want a happy, healthy baby and the talent to raise him or her to appreciate the gift of the atonement. That has been my daily prayer.
The technician labeled head and body and arms and legs. We were able to see baby move just a little bit and he looks comfy, like he is reclining and putting his feet up...
Here is the picture I am most excited about! Our little peapod has a heartbeat!!! We saw it move on the U/S and heard it on the machine. Happiness is a little, healthy heartbeat.
So, we are due in December, and delighted about our early Christmas present... I bear witness, without being preachy, that prayer is a true principle and the Lord does listen. It seems he is happy to work in his own time and knows better than I both what I need and when I need it. Merciful is the Lord.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rise And Shout, The Cougars Are Out

And I am not talking about single, older women. Congratulations, brother of mine, on graduating from BYU....I know Mother & Father are very proud of you and Mr. Darling and I are too.

Here are some photos of this momentous event!
Here are my mother and brother doing what I believe to be the "happy dance" at the "Campus is our world" sign.
Brother and the two people that made it all possible.

Brother accepting the important document (or a replication....)
Showing the Cougar who's boss.
Super duper happy!
All of the munchkins...
The whole fam....
I think this qualifies as "put on a happy face!"

Congratulations, dear brother! I hope that the future is as bright as that smile....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Put A Spell On You

Have you ever seen a movie that haunted you for years? I have. And I thought I was crazy. I described the horrible movie to my mother, my brother, one had seen it, heard of it, or believed such a horrible children's film existed.

But it does. And I saw it. At the tender age of seven. I think my daycare teacher hated me.

The story is about a boy who loses his hair, becomes haunted by ghosts who give him a recipe to regrow his hair. He uses the recipe (dead flies, kitty litter and peanut butter) but then his hair grows nonstop. He and fifty other children are kidnapped to work in a paintbrush making concentration camp where they manufacture magical paintbrushes from this child's hair. The Does it sound mild? It isn't. This movie scars for life.

So the other day at work, I was discussing horrifying things I remember from my childhood. At this point, after 20 years, no one else remembers this movie or the plot. I feel crazy that I may have made it up. So today, after another nightmare, I googled to main points "kidnap boy hairbrush movie". And I am not crazy....there really was an 80's CHILDREN'S movie called "The Peanut Butter Solution." Celine Dion even did the soundtrack. And pretty much every other reviewer agrees, this movie should not be watched by children and it scarred us for life. If you don't believe me, simple search "The Peanut Butter Solution" on The amazing part is that out of 85 reviewers, most people believed they had imagined this storyline in their nightmares. I think I can agree with them that it is a relief to know it is real.

I know, this post is boring, and off topic. It isn't really about Mr. Darling or myself, more of an "OMGosh I have to tell SOMEONE I am not hallucinating evil movie plotlines!!!!"

So....have you seen this movie? Are you, like me, scarred for life? Have you been able to banish the nightmares of having your hair made into magic, evil paintbrushes?

Any advice on the subject would be appreciated!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Buns of Steel

I don't think there is more amusing video on YouTube for me today....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Horizon Has Been Defeated

Recently, Mr. Darling's parents drove up to go dirtbiking in the Utah Little Sahara Sand Dunes. I think they had fun, despite the wind storms rolling through the area. His younger brother had access to a fantastic trailer that made the trip more fun for all involved (thank you, SW!) and I even got to go out for a little bit!

I took a few pictures of my absolutely fearless husband while he was out it bad that I am so proud that he rides HIS OWN bike?! I told him he couldn't use any of our "regular" money for it, and being who he is, he found a few little investments that allowed him to make enough to buy himself the bike he wanted. I adore Mr. Darling, can you tell?

The storm clouds make a cool backdrop. I know the above picture isn't a super technical trick, but I really liked the horizon contrast here.
Here he is catching some air....We measured and he was airborne for 48 feet. How cool is that?Here he is showing me what sand is for....

How many W's does it take to put a flag on a dirt bike?
Here are the two of us....I think perhaps next summer I may need my own quad...what do you think, sweetheart?
Unfortunately, the shiftless quad is sick.... Mr. D. helped his dad work on it while his mom prepared yummy food for the family. Mr. D thinks it may be time to put "the marshmallow" out to pasture...
And here is the entire family...almost ready to call it a (very windy) night.