Saturday, February 13, 2010

Isn't She Lovely

Today, Abigail is two months old! The last 62 days have flown by. I understand completely why the saying is "the days are long but the years are short". My sweet little girl is no longer the itty bitty newborn. She has so many new facial expressions and her tiny toothless smiles are my very favorite thing!

Here she is at 8 weeks with her giant bear...she is getting bigger every day!
I bought this little pompom hat on etsy from a local girl. It is adorable, but Abby hates it. Too bad for Abby since I get her dressed and hide her hands in mittens!

She is still adored by her papa and cherished by her mother. I had no idea I could love her this much!

Here they are dancing before bedtime!! I love when they are both happy and get to spend time together.

I saw a picture of baby feet that I liked and wanted Mr Darling to do a similar picture with Abby. My vision was to take a picture like this:

But we also got a picture like this:
Which I also really like.

So far, I love being a mom. I haven't had to hear the word "no" a thousand times, very few temper tantrums and Abby's wants are fairly easy to discern. I love cuddling with her, feeding her, watching her play with her arms and legs and coo and talk to me, my sweet husband or the ceiling fan...

I love sneaking into her nursery and watching her sleep. I am surprised at how much fun I am having. I like getting her dressed, even changing diapers is kind of fun because she likes to be on her changing table. And look at her hair, her skin, her alert little eyes! I think just looking at her is fun.

So I ask you, isn't she lovely?

Happy two month birthday, Abby!!! I love you more every day!!


eve said...

of course! she is very very lovely. this post makes me happy, i am so glad you are enjoying motherhood.

Kimber and Casey said...

oh she's so cute! i want to get to see her more! those pictures are so funny, love the last one with the eyes like HUGE! haha can't wait to play with her more!!!!!!

Scottie and Megany said...

im so happy you love being a mom! what an awesome thing! abby is sooo freakin cute i love her! and that last pic with your ring on the toe is adorable & hilarious :D

jakeandjessicafillmore said...

she is!

AMa said...

I definitely like the second ring picture better. Very cute.

Chelsie said...

Congrats on your little girl! She is adorable! I love the pictures! Hope all 3 of you are doing well. :)

K@tie said...

The second ring pic looks like she is thinking,"I can't believe they put something less then 10 karats on me!" She is beautiful!