Friday, April 30, 2010

More Today Than Yesterday

Today I went back to the beach. I know, you are surprised, right? I enjoyed putting my feet in the white powder sand. The water was reflecting the grey of the clouds, but still clear. The wind was moving about 30 mph, so I didn't even pull Abby out of her carrier.
I played with my new camera and realized I am woefully under-camera-educated to use the complex device. I wanted a picture with the seashell I found, but I couldn't get it in focus.
I went out and put my feet in the water for what may be the last time for a long time. It wasn't cold, but it rarely is. The Gulf of Mexico is usually a very warm body of water. It is one of the reasons these are such fantastic places to vacation with kids. No cold ocean water!

(Please ignore my unpedicured toes)
I watched a little airplane pull a banner behind it. Apparently there is live music as well as a Wet T-shirt contest at Flounders.
And more fishing boats out fighting the water for as much seafood as they can catch now. I absolutely love gulf seafood. My favorite is southern fried mullet. Fried is pronounced "frahd" and there is a diphthong in there somewhere, I'm sure.  More on that tomorrow.
I hope this disaster can be stopped and reversed. I will miss this place forever.


Scott said...

I haven't been able to commet on all of your posts but I have enjoyed looking at them and reading them
all. Abby is adorable on the sand and I want to go there someday! It looks so beautiful there! It's always so much fun to go back home where you grew up and enjoy all the little things that make it home. I'm happy you got to take Abby there but we can't wait for you to come back! I need to see you guys :)

Sarah Jane said...

So sad! I read this today :

and thought of you.