Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The End Of The World As We Know It

Ever since Mr Darling returned to Utah last Sunday, (sniff) I have been missing him, (and his camera), something fierce. Hence, no blogging. No pictures = boring blog. But, today I remembered my camera and headed off to the beach.

Now, perhaps those of you reading this haven't been keeping up with the news, but a MASSIVE oil spill is headed to Pensacola Beach and the entire eastern gulf coast. It will end up being larger than the Exxon Valdez crash. These pristine white sand beaches will be lost for a long time to come and the thought breaks my heart. Can you imagine the terrible future for our children if we continually damage this earth they are to inherit?
So, I am determined to enjoy as much time on them as I can while I can. Today Abby and I watched wind surfers riding their boards back and forth along the beach. We saw a mom and an older baby splashing in the water. We saw pelicans and seagulls and sandpipers. We watched the fishing boats frantically pulling out as much fish as they can before the oil fouls the water. My heart is breaking at losing this glorious creation, even if just for a time.
Much like the prophets of old who required miracles, I am praying. And I would like to ask any of you who read this to please include the people and animals and beaches of the gulf coast in your prayers.
 People here depend on the water for food and their livelihoods. The fish are unique and beautiful and a staple in many kitchens. The birds are awe inspiring. Within days, all of this is at risk. But, I know that our Heavenly Father who is over all things is a God of miracles and if this area ever needed a miracle, it surely does now. If you could, please pray that the oil pouring into the gulf will cease and that those cleaning it up will be inspired and protected and successful. I believe that these prayers can and will be answered. It will take time, but hopefully, if the oil can be contained, we can begin cleaning our beaches back up.
And, if anyone out there has a way to move us off of oil and onto something a little less dangerous and dirty, I would most greatly appreciate your sharing it with the rest of us!

Please pray for our coastline!
***The colors of the water and sand aren't even photoshopped!!!***

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eve said...

amanda, your pictures are STUNNING, as usual.
this makes me so sad for the coast, though. i am embarrassed to say i hadn't heard about it before this, but now i am thinking of it so much (& praying)