Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Four Poems

In honor of my baby's four month birthday, I would like to contribute four poems, odes if you will, to my growing collection of Abby-centered writing. So, to begin...

A Limerick

There once was a baby named Abby,
About whom nothing is shabby,
She laughs at her dad,
She rarely is sad,
But when she gets tired, she gets crabby.

A Haiku

Small, sweet baby girl,
Growing up so very fast,
Make this moment last.

A Rhyme

Her lips are pink,
Her eyes are blue,
She sat in the sink,
Until up she grew.
A Ballad

Oh, the baby girl is growing.
And learning so much every day,
She now can sit, she now can laugh,
She is cheerful in every single way,
She is cheerful in every way.

So, perhaps I won't win any awards for my poetry, but I do love this little girl. Today she hit all of her markers at 60 percent, height, weight and head size. She weighs 13 pounds and 13 ounces on this, the 13th of April. Happy four month birthday, sweet girl!
All pictures on this post were done by Angie of A-M Photography. She does a fantastic job and comes highly recommended. You can see more of Angie's work here.


Sarah Jane said...

Love! Esp the photo that you used as a header! Good Job Angie (and super models)

eve said...

those pictures are SO beautiful! and i like your poems, too. nothing like a baby to bring that out in a person.

Cherri said...

Weston I keep telling you ... you need to lock this girl to a key board give her a terrific topic and have the $ start rolling in with her writing!

You do amaze me my dear Amanda!

Lobbie said...

I really love the last picture. I can totally see both of you in her!!