Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beach Baby

Today, we packed up all of the baby paraphernalia and headed to the famous white sand beaches of Pensacola Florida. It was Abby's first real trip out to the beach and the first thing she did was fill her fist and then her mouth with sand. After realizing that sand is not food, she decided to practice sitting and rocking. It was cute to watch her sit all by herself!

For the very first time, she got to put her feet in the water. It was cold! She was surprised, and not pleasantly so.
Her proud papa gave her a ride into the water and saved her from having to get her toes cold again.

For the most part, though, we realized that babies and sand are not a great combination. Abigail managed to get herself absolutely COVERED in powdery white sand. Under her neck, in her diaper, and sprinkled through her (gloriously long) eyelashes, the little crystals were everywhere.

Then we sat on the beach and watched the fishing boats cruise up and down the coast.
And, of course, the now favorite 'whee' flying game. 
We finished up our trip to the beach with a stop at Flounders, a famous fish house on the sound side of Pensacola Beach. We split the Mahi Mahi and mashed potatoes. It was a fun meal with great atmosphere. Best of all, the dessert was fantabulous!

The rest of the day was just as fun. A great dinner with my Mom and Dad at their new favorite steak house. Then, a walk through a very empty mall and a nice movie night at home. Abby spent most of the movie grabbing at her new favorite toy keys from her Grandma. It is so fun to watch her learn new things and have new experiences. She probably won't remember this trip, but I will. And tomorrow is a new opportunity to teach her new things!


Kimber and Casey said...

i'm glad i feel the necessity to leave a comment on pretty much everyone of your posts! goodness, sorry!

but that swimsuit is adorable on her! and all 3 of you look great with pics of her in the sand! cute stories to remember! wish i could watch her on the beach too!!!!!

eve said...

are you kidding me? that first picture is honestly too cute to handle. i deserves to be blown up, framed and hung in the most prominant spot possible!
i have been loving your 'florida posts' you are so well written, and it's great to hear about the things you are doing.
-but that beach! i am definately jealous.
you are beautiful, and that baby.. well.. there are no words.

AMa said...

The flying game photo is perfect.

Cherri said...

Maybe she could do a pin-up calendar!

Arielle Mihalik said...

A few years ago, I would send you pictures of the beach in order to make you super jealous that while it was February, I was at the beach and you were stuck in Utah coping with the snow. This was always purposeful, of course. Due to the many pictures of y'all at the beach with my little niece, I feel that karma really does exist. Love youuuu.

Sean said...

hahahah Arielle! Yes, I am jealous, too. Even being an hour from the beach now, it's not the same as the sugar sand from the northwest! I'm so glad you guys had a good trip!