Thursday, April 8, 2010

Once Upon A Picnic

Once upon a time in a land far far far away, there lived a king and a queen. This king and queen lived together happily and ruled quietly and generally peacefully over their kingdom. They had one little daughter who took up quite a bit of the queen's time and one loyal hound who generously shared everything she owned, except for her kibbles.

Now, this queen expected a visit from her sweet husband's mother. Having cleaned the kitchen for just this occasion, she hesitated to cook a full feast the night before the arrival of the mother in law. So, when the king came home from frolicking in the woods, chasing foxes and overseeing the development of the kingdom, the queen suggested taking a walk to the ye olde drive in.

So that is what they did. They walked side by side to the drive in, mingled with the townspeople, and enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells of spring. Many of the lawns had been recently mowed, the apricot trees' blooms promised to make summer all the sweeter, and the breeze was a true delight.
The royal pair sat on the grass and teased their hound with french fries. They wondered at the amount of fry sauce they had been given.

The sandwiches were excellent, but the real highlight of their picnic was that they were able to eat in quiet, languid peace. The young princess had fallen asleep on their walk! The young queen, by now used to inhaling her food at lightening speed, cherished each unhurried bite. The young king also ate slowly, savoring each quiet bite.

After the feast, the dishes were tossed into a waste receptical and the king and queen and their little family walked back to the castle and into the sunset. The clean home welcomed them and they lived happily ever after!
The End
Coming Soon! Once Upon A Bath
The Long Awaited Sequel to Once Upon A Picnic


Sean said...

love it! can't wait for the critically-aclaimed, heart-warming, yet spine-tingling adventure that will be the sequel

AMa said...

The suspense is killing me!