Sunday, February 15, 2009

What A Lovely Heart Day

My Beloved surprised me yesterday. Technically, I the surprise arrived on Friday. The UPS truck pulled to the curve and the delivery-man braved the wrath of Callie to deliver a frigid package.

Underneath the green box lay 20 red, white and pink tulips that had not yet decided to bloom. I placed them in the enclosed vase, added the flower food and placed them in the center of the dining room table and went to work. When I arrived home, they were still closed up tight.

But the next morning, they had woken up and even though Mr Darling was still in California, I knew I had married the sweetest, most considerate man I could have dreamed!

He got home at noon and took me to lunch at Thai Ruby (our favorite and no wait!)
Then, we headed to see Confessions of a Shopaholic-So Cute!
Lastly, we went home, ate a yummy pizza and watched House MD (I LOVE House!)

And my flowers are still blooming and LOVELY!!!

So I want to take a moment and thank Mr Darling for everything he does for me.

Thank you, Love of My Life, and I am so grateful you chose to marry me.

And thank you, Friends, for all that you do, because really, Valentine's is all about love and I love all of you!

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Mr Darling said...

You are very welcome sweetheart, so glad you liked them! Love you.