Saturday, February 7, 2009

Updating My Little Corner of the World

I got my very first comment today! I am so excited! (Thanks Brekke!) So, I have long believed that my blog is isolated in cyberspace but today I discovered that someone actually has a link to my little venting zone!!! Very cool!

Yesterday, I decided to update our dreary, ho-hum blog and try and make it more attractive/inviting/adorable....did I succeed? 

A big thanks to Angie for our pic, which I love. And a big thank you to Mr. Darling for letting me choose everything and then raving about how he loved my choices. Is there anything better than approval from an adoring husband? I submit to you, there is not!


The Searle Family said...

Amanda I feel so special that I left you your first comment..there will be more to come:)

Kimber said...

you gave in to the blogging world! oh girl i love you :)