Thursday, February 26, 2009

Laugh At The Things That Are Wrong

So I found these on one of my internet surf adventures and thought I should share. What else can we do but laugh?

Seriously, Mr. Darling hates when I rant on my blog about politics, so I am trying to avoid rant mode. But these two cartoons sum up how I feel enormously well.

How do cartoonists do it? Capturing the corruption at all levels, corporate and government in 50 words and using a cartoon dog?

Anyways, here is my attempt to laugh instead of rant. I hope that you too can laugh and that our children do not condemn us for not doing more when we had the chance.


A + M + a said...

I like the last line.

wonder woman said...

Right after bailout money was given initially, (September? October?) I saw a picture of the resort where CEOs were spending time at a retreat. And it was like $300,000/person. It's ridiculous.

Oops. I think I just started ranting.