Sunday, February 22, 2009

Keep On The Sunny Side

Beautiful winter days, perfectly clear and crystal cold, are becoming longer and sunnier.

My adorable pets are taking turns basking in the sunlight that filters through our porch door. I think it is adorable. And worth learning from.

Isn't it important for all of us to bask in the warm and good things even when the outside world is cold and frightful?

So lets keep on the sunny side and enjoy each warm moment while we can.

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eve said...

hear, hear! i love that sentiment. oh, i am so happy i found this blog! i could only find your book review one & recipe one before (i LOVE north & south, too, by the way.. i have the DVD) and for some reason we thought your hubby had an 'i' in his name instead of an 'o'.. oops!