Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Flowers in Winter" or "What I Did This Evening"

Tonight, I had a lovely time with my youngest and most directly related SIL, the darling youngest sibling of my adorable husband. 

And she had a surprise for me. Do you know my penchant for blossoms? Well, she does. And she shared the glories of her flower arranging class with me. I am seriously, so blessed. (Get it? Anyone?)

And she also knows my weakness for all things Great Harvest Bread Company. The lovely loaf of bread will be gone in hours, not days...I will have to apologize to Mr. Darling for not sharing, but, then again, maybe not.

You see, he recently went to a thai restaurant in SF and partook of this delicious treat:
 fried bananas with coconut ice cream and caramel sauce....And wouldn't you know he claimed he couldn't share it because it would have melted before arriving at our house. I dispute this. All of my mail feels like its frozen, so I am sure this dessert would have made it just fine!

But, I have bread and honey and flowers to adore while I munch. All the while I can think about my family and that I am loved even though my Mr. Darling is far far away. So thank you darling SIL and I hope that tomorrow goes just as you planned!

And if you ever show anyone that picture you took tonight....well, just don't. Please? 


Mr Darling said...

Hey...not fair. I want some of that oh so yummy bread too.

A + M + a said...

I love comments, too. Callie was such a cute puppy.