Saturday, March 13, 2010

Three Mile Smile

Today, Abby is three months old. I suppose it is time I stopped telling people her age in weeks. She is getting so big! We had her two month check up last Wednesday (late, I know, move along, nothing to see here). In addition to the dreaded shots, Abby was weighed and measured, poked, prodded and tested. Guess what? She grew. A lot.

Please meet my twenty three inch long, twelve pound bundle of joy.  She is in the 50th percentile for height, for weight and for head size. The doctor was shocked that she hit all three numbers at exactly 50 percent. And, he was surprised at how strong her neck was and how easily she managed to hold it up and turn her head. Would you expect anything less from my joyful, super curious baby? She loves to look at everything.
So here we are at three months. She can do so much now! She can *almost* sit up on her own. She can lift her head off your shoulder and look all around the room. She can "vocalize"...a lot. She chatters nonstop and it is just so fun to listen to. When she finds something she likes, she gets very excited and kicks her feet, waves her arms and breathes so fast. And my favorite new development is that she can recognize Weston and I. Whenever she sees us, her face just lights up with the most gorgeous toothless smile I have ever seen!
I am not gonna lie to you. There are tough moments. The hardest part, so far, has been breast-feeding. Some people make it look so easy. All those moms at church quietly feeding their babies in the mothers' lounge (aka partitioned area of the bathroom). Our feedings aren't like that. I get frustrated. Abby gets frustrated. It is hard for us both. But, as we muddle through this experience together, I don't think I could love her more. She is so patient for someone so little and so hungry. Her growth shows that we are succeeding, but sometimes it feels that every day, every feeding is a battle we have to wage. If either one of us gives up, then we both lose. Luckily, I have a tenacious little partner.
So, another month of her babyhood is gone. Whoever said "the days are long but the years are short" lied to me. The days are way too short! At the end of each day I wonder how I could have spent more time with my Abigail. I wonder if I taught her enough. I worry that I missed something important that won't ever be recaptured. I marvel at her toothless grin, her funny half chuckle-half snort laugh. Her sense of humor is incredible and the fact that she can communicate so much with us without talking is simply unbelievable.

I will miss two-month old Abby, but I just have to hope that "The Best Is Yet To Come".


Hill Family said...

I know that feeling of missing each stage but the next stage always brings new challenges and new excitement, just wait till you get to the stage when you say "good night Abby" and she responds "good night, I love you"'re gonna die, its sooo sweet! And congrats to you for sticking with it, I gave up on breast feeding at 3 months with Addie and two with Tysen, and I'm so glad I didn't try longer with Ty, I still feel guilty for Addie having to be so fraustrated about getting food and didn't want to repeat it! You are handling this with so much grace and style

AMa said...

She's so cute, and, until she's two-and-a-half, I'm sure she'll just keep getting cuter and cuter.

Sarah Jane said...

(lol at Angie.)

Amanda- It's so hard to look at them knowing that that "them" is here for just a short time. I just can't think about it - It bothers me too much.

She is precious precious!

Cherri said...

As usual I still think you should get started on writing a book.... Weston wants to get rich off it anyway. I lasted 6 months breast feeding with my first and went down with each child.... I think Kimber maybe got 3 so you are very normal in your struggle and doing great! You sound so good.