Thursday, March 25, 2010

Over The Rainbow

I am in a funk. I feel ungrateful because I am in this funk. I want to run away from all of this funkiness and get myself to a place that is fun not funky. Somewhere quiet, and peaceful. I want to get myself (and my dear Mr Darling and our sweet darling baby) to Hawaii. I don't want to actually do any traveling, so if anyone has already invented the formula for teleport, do share.

I want to feel like I am somewhere exotic. I want to see pineapples growing as shrubbery. Yes, I did just say shrubbery.
I want to see bright colored flowers growing all around. Mr. D and I went out to take some pictures the other day and he said they all looked awful because it looked like we were in a barren wasteland. Not the good, dramatic, "look at me posing in a rugged but beautiful wasteland". No, he said it was more of the kind of "how are we ever going to find food again" type of wasteland. I won't post any of those pictures. 

These pretty red ginger are way more fun.
As are these yellow hibiscuses. Or is hibisci? I always forget...
How about pretty purple exotic lilies. I think they are lilies. They grow from lily pads. I am not a horticulturist, but it makes sense to me.

I would even appreciate some cut flowers about now. I am just desperate for some color. I may have to go see the nice man at KWAL and buy some paint. I love me some kwal paint. Did I mention I would take some cut flowers instead? Maybe someone should mention that to Mr. Darling for me.
Oh, I think being in Hawaii right now would be so nice. Warmth, beaches, color, seafood. I LOVE seafood. But not this kind of seafood. Really, once you see one of these guys, I think you fall in love with them. Somehow, mullet and grouper don't inspire the same kind of loyalty.
Lucky for me, I get to go visit my parents in just a few weeks. They live near a beach. I miss the beach and my parents. I have been homesick for YEARS. But Florida is so gosh darn far away and so expensive to get to. It is half the price to fly to Maui. But, Mr. Darling loves me so I get to go home for two weeks. I am thrilled. 

Color, here I come! 


Kimber and Casey said...

i was TOTALLY thinking about doing a post on how bad i want to be in hawaii right now! i'm in hawaii fever and it's not going to go away until we go!!!! ugh! the holmans were there and my good friend nicole was just there last week and now she's tan :(

let's go together :) let's make a deal: you pay for my flight and i'll watch your baby whenever you want while we're over there, sound good? haha, or how about i pay you to let me come with you guys and watch your baby? either way works for me

Sean said...

I think you should contact the people at coke zero. They say they've invented the time machine

Cherri said...

Yep call Uncle Bill and Aunt Jean you can live color vicariously through them.