Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let Laughter Be Your Song

Oh, it is busy busy here with the beginning of spring. My crocus have greeted the world with their bright purple flowers. I can see the daffodils and tulips have pushed up through the soil and are preparing delightful surprises for me. Spring has officially sprung.
And, amidst all of this, I feel frantic. I have too many hobbies and too little time! My garden is naked. I did manage to put down black plastic mulch and plan to shred the Christmas trees on top into a more appealing mulch. I did trim back my roses, but I haven't mulched or fertilized them. I am starting some veggies on the sill in my laundry room mostly onions so far, but hopefully I can hop skip jump out to the garden and get in some peas, broccoli, cabbage and spinach. Right now those are just little seed filled envelopes sitting on my counter but I hope to turn them into yummy veggies.
I am trying to organize my home as well. We are so blessed, and sometimes the better part of valor is knowing when to part with things we no longer use.  I think I sometimes forget that and think that she who dies with the most stuff wins. See this pile? It needs to go.
My poor quilt is neglected. I haven't touched it in weeks. I REALLY had wanted to finish it this week so I can take the binding class on the 31st. But with the lack of organization....well, I am simply not hanging out in my sewing room the way I would like.
But, here is the catch. Anytime I try and make progress, this wonderful little girl wants to play or eat. And I barely seem to maintain a sense of cleanliness through my home during her naps. There is just not much time for anything extra. But, at the same time, I can't help but think that these moments are going too fast and do I really want to miss all these fun memories so I can plant some spinach? Won't this quilt wait for me, rather than just pushing on with or without me? I think I will probably have the REST OF MY LIFE to clean and organize my house. So for now, I will focus on this ADORABLE little angel.

So, for you, Abigail's first real laugh. We were fortunate to get it on video. Lucky you!


eve said...

abby is getting SO BIG! that laugh is adorable, you really are lucky you caught it on video.
and i promise you will have time for your projects someday. it doesn't seem like it now, but somehow you adjust and find the time. but for now, they can wait because your right, you have more important things to do like make that darling girl laugh some more!

Scottie and Megany said...

that's soooooo cute!! i love my lil neice! that was the funniest little laugh

Cherri said...


Kimber and Casey said...

i swear you're super mom for even wanting/trying to do all that amazing stuff! one day i'll be like you :)

and love that little girl! her "giggle" is so funny!!!

Sarah Jane said...

Love Abbys laugh!

I run into the same thinking/conflict with hobbies. I love them, but then I think about how I only have so much time with this little version of Soy. This is only happening once - All that extra stuff when put in perspective - doesn't much matter.

I'm always trying to find and keep a happy balance..