Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boxing Day

I cried today. I spent some time this week cleaning out Abby's closet, moving out the clothes that my baby has outgrown. Today, I placed them all in a (remarkably well designed) container and moved them out to the garage. She won't ever fit into those tiny outfits again. Seeing all of the favorites move out, seeing how small they are and remembering that she was that size once just a few short weeks ago made me just a wee bit sad. How has she grown so fast?! I feel like I missed it. I have tried so hard to take advantage of every moment she has been with us, to try and memorize her as a tiny newborn, to remember all of the firsts, but I guess this is a first as well. The first day I box up Abby's little clothes and store them for a future little one.

She is such a little dolly. She no longer fits in the sink, which makes me sad. But, she does still fit in the laundry basket. She has also taken to sucking on her hand ALL THE TIME. It drives me nuts, but I am not sure exactly how to stop it. She makes hilariously loud sucking noises and I am usually laughing to hard to really put a ton of effort into pulling it out. I should be better about that.
In other news, on Friday night, Mr Darling and I went out to Red Robin for dinner. Now that I don't mind hamburgers anymore, sometimes they sound darn good. So off we went to split one of Red Robin's famously large burgers. While we waited for a table, I told Mr Darling to win me a stuffed animal from the mini arcade. He allowed, without sounding too eager, that he had always wanted to try one of those games, but he didn't have any dollars. Being the waitress that I am, I pulled a dollar from my super awesome diaper bag and told him to have at it. One dollar gave him two tries.

Now, I have ALWAYS believed those games to be rigged. I don't know anyone who has won a stuffed animal. And with only two tries, I figured this would just be a fun way to while away the wait. As I calmly counted down behind the dear Mr. Darling, "Honey, 5 seconds!!! Only two seconds!! Press the button!!!!!", he systematically maneuvered the claw into position.

On try one, he was robbed. But on try number two, we both watched in disbelief as this cute little lamb made its way through the air and down the chute. We don't think Abigail will remember that he won it, so this little guy may make an appearance in Abby's Easter Basket.


Cherri said...

REALLY.... too funny on the winning of the little lamb.

Sean said...

regifting already? for shame! ;)