Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Have Suit, Will Travel

It is finally snowing here in the beehive state, but, much to my chagrin, it is not sticking! I have visions of an adorable photo op including my sweet baby and a snowman. It does not look like this is the year for it, though. It hasn't snowed and stayed snowy since the night Abby was born, and, well, I was too busy right then to build a snowman...

But, being cooped up is apparently not my forte, slushy rain or not, so we are fortunate to have found a couple of fantastic and adorable little suits to drag Abby around town in! Here she is in her "bear suit" which is so warm and soft!
And here is her "ladybug suit" which I adore!
If I go anywhere during the day, she gets all bundled up in one of these. They are so super warm and she is just so super cute in them....summer clothes are not nearly as adorable!

Sometimes, the suits are so warm that when we get where we are going, I have to take it off so her face doesn't get red and she doesn't sweat.... Here we are visiting Daddy at work. 

Late in January, Weston and I got to go up to Midway with his cousins and hang out at a super fun cabin for the day. Abby passed out and we didn't get any snow day pictures that day, but we did get some sledding in!

And a cute couple picture in this little alpine hamlet....

Sorry for the rather dull post, but it has been awhile so I thought it might be time to record what we are and have been up to!


Kimber and Casey said...

so cute! that suit makes her look so big! and I'm like "nuh uh, she is way smaller than that! hah

Cherri said...

You all look happy...... ah family and fun!