Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pop! Goes the Abby!

Abby disappears off bed
Originally uploaded by amandaquilts
So, Abby has a new fun skill that we are delighted to announce! It takes an enormous amount of stress off of me, because now, I don't have to worry about her falling off on her head..

And it is darling. This clever little girl is just so wonderful!

And then she just pops back up and crawls off. It is so fun to watch this little girl learn so many fun new things!


Sean said...

Oh, my! that is awesome!

prsd4tim2 said...

This video just cracks me up! I could watch it over and over. Oh wait! I HAVE watched it over and over. Still cracks me up.

Cherri said...

I love to watch this ... I also love to hear the vidiographers giggle!