Thursday, June 3, 2010


Some of you already know that we adore our dog. She is a labrador retriever. Otherwise known as the retrievingest, water lovingest breed on the planet. 

But Callie is broken. This Memorial Day, we decided to fix that.

Here we are at the Sedona Creek.

Me: You pups want the stick?
Ivy: Yes!!! Want it! Need it!
Callie: Well, maybe....
Me: Swim for the stick!
Ivy: YAY! I get to swim for the stick!!!
Callie: Hmmm, that water looks pretty wet and I am wearing fur...

Ivy retrieves the stick. Callie is suddenly fascinated by a bush way away from the water.
End Scene

So, we decided to teach Callie to swim. She thought it was a form of torture.
First, I dragged her out into the water.

Then, I let her go. She THRASHED like the world was ending.

But, then she got the hang of it.

And was finally accepted by her peers as NOT a wussy, broken, scaredy cat retriever.

But, then she cried all night that her tail hurt from all that swimming.
The End