Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chasing Waterfalls

On any given weekend, there are hundreds of things to do. On several of my weekends this spring, I have begged, pleaded and coerced my sweet Mr Darling to take me up to 'The Grotto' in Payson Canyon. I love it up there. It is lush and green. And always about 20 degrees cooler than my house. And if the weather was always like today, I would be so happy. It was brisk and just a touch humid. And everything seemed so alive and growing!

Mr. Darling's brother and his darling wife joined us as we tromped through the mud and the muck...
Crossed over make-shift bridges...

Carried our darling child in a papoose (well, kind of)

And quickly found ourselves here:

(Insert Obligatory Us-In-Front-Of-The-Waterfall Picture Here)

I guess I still equate waterfalls with unicorns and magic and flying furry friendly dragons. Florida isn't really known for its fantastic and easily accessible waterfalls.

Then, we traded off the happy hiker and continued home

These are the days I love where I live. I mean, lets be real, there aren't too many other places I have been where so many places are picture perfect.

I love Utah in the spring. 

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