Monday, June 7, 2010

Live At The Red Rocks

One of my favorite places to visit is Sedona, Arizona. My sweet husband's fabulous aunt and uncle live there and the colors, the views, and the weather (last weekend at least) can't be beat! After driving down on most of Friday, we spent Saturday walking and hiking. One of the hikes I did, without my Mr Darling unfortunately, was called Red Rock Crossing. It was stunning.
We started by hopping rocks across a little stream and then following a trail that meandered through groves of trees. 

Then, we followed it along the edge of the creek and finally up a hill to our journey's end. Heiroglyphs! Or Petroglyphs? Hippogriffs? Whatever. Indians wrote on this rock wall a VERY long time ago.

Then, we forded a river (waded across a stream)

(LOOK! I did it with my eyes closed!)
See my brave water dog, cowering behind me? She did NOT like fording this river! However she was not the last one across either... 

(Those other two people are photobombing, they are not with our group)
Then, we walked through the valley of the shadow of stone towers...

Why do people do this? Anyone? It is *kind of* annoying. Not as bad as litter, but definitely not as nice as a pristine landscape.

I didn't build this. I did knock the top of it over so I had to put it back. Grace is simply not my strong suit lately.
Then, we headed back home. It was great to get out and breathe fresh air! I really LOVE Sedona!

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Sean said...

What does photobombing mean? Why does it sound derogatory?