Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Best Is Yet To Come

I am remiss.

This last Monday marked a major milestone in Darling history.

Mr and Mrs Darling celebrated five remarkable and joyful years together.

And we are just getting started!
In honor of our anniversary, I would like to write a little note to Mr Darling and let him know how much I adore and appreciate him!

Dear, Sweet Husband,

You are truly the light in my life.
I love how happy you are.
I love how sweet, how thoughtful, and how kind you are.
I love that you teach me mercy, patience, and charity.
You made me laugh right when I met you.
I haven't stopped laughing since.
You are going to be an amazing father and I am so delighted to be the mother of your children.
You make me want to be better, learn more, and grow both my knowledge and testimony.
Thank you for choosing me and for the five wonderful years we have been able to share.
I love you.
Your (Darling) Wife


The Searle Family said...

Congratulations on 5 years!:) I hope you are feeling well

Hill Family said...

I love your post, that is so sweet, and I read your comment on my blog and I know how you feel, when I was pegnant I couldn't stay up past 9. I have more energy with two then I did already having one and being pregnant...hang in there!

eve said...

congrats on five years! that's awesome. love the wedding pictures, too!
you look so different blonde!

AMa said...

Amanda, you cradle robber!

Cherri said...

that was a very sweet tribute amanda..... weston makes me laugh too.