Sunday, July 19, 2009


Yesterday, some friends from my freshman ward were all in Provo at the same time and we were able to get together for some lunch!

It is really fun to see what everyone is up to and remember how much fun we all had together. The couple in the middle, Amy and Josh, were both in our freshman ward! They now have a sweet little fourteen month old!
And here are just the girls!
Sometimes, I think being a freshman was one of the best years of my life. Usually, I just remember it as a great time to make awesome new friends that I am so happy to be able to catch up with!

Maybe I can find a picture from freshman year and make it digital so we can see the before and after!


Cherri said...

Do I see ever so slightly a cute bump there?

Cherri said...

ooh forgot.... does that mean you get 3 times as many honey dos done now with 3 Weston's around?