Saturday, July 11, 2009

In This Moment

I am feeling vulnerable. There are so many new things about pregnancy and so many I had no idea would be so hard. I am really struggling with:

  • Weight Gain...who knew I used my jean size to help define myself?
  • Drinking enough can 15 glasses a day STILL not be enough?
  • Eating salt, no sugar, no fun!
  • Smells...everything I smell makes me want to throw up, including the smell of food!
  • Feeling inept....can I seriously keep a helpless human being alive much less happy?
  • Breaking down....I seriously cry at EVERYTHING including radio commercials in spanish.
  • Making Decisions...what to wear, what to do, what to eat-I simply cannot make up my mind!
  • you know what I was saying or doing 2 minutes ago? I don't!

On the upside, in less than 2 weeks I will pass that important half way mark!


Cherri said...

Can't wait to find out! Any guesses?

Rachel said...

If you're half way, you're looking great Amanda! Don't worry about the awkward stage (barely showing and not fitting into normal clothes) because it passes. Once you "pop" you really start to embrace it and there are totally chic maternity clothes out there! Enjoy it!!! It goes by fast.

Rachel said...

and are you on 'no sugar or salt' on orders from your doctor? If not it's totally ok to eat those things :)

Mrs. Darling said...

The doctor said to avoid sugar and salt...I was really sad!!! I have been getting really dehydrated really fast and he said that those foods generally worsen the problem.

I am excited to see you found my blog!

Hill Family said...

everything you listed I struggled with too! I didn't enjoy either one of my pregnancies and that is why we are done! Congrats and just know that its almost over!

Sarah Jane said...

Amanda I totally FEEL for you! (getting big was hard junk for me)Hope you are feeling good, excited to see how much your belly has grown.

Stacy Stoddard said...

I can not relate in the weight gain, smells, and making sure I am hydrated.

I can tell you that once there are children in your future and enter your home memory goes no matter way they come. Who know?

Being inept is every mother's worst fear, you will be a great mom, your child will love you know matter what. You will make your child happy and the best part is the forgiveness that a child gives.

you are awesome.