Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stranded At The Edge Of The World

Here on Maui, Island life is pretty slow. Weston and I enjoy the simple daily activities available and have fun without work, bills, and chores. Here are a few more pictures.

This one is Weston and I at Napili Beach in front of Moloka'i, a very small island off the coast of Maui that previously housed a leper colony.
Then, Friday night, we went to dinner with Weston's cousins, the Bradleys. They had spent the day scuba diving at Molokini. We have decided family reunions in Hawaii would be WAY fun....anyone else agree?
Then, Saturday morning, we went up to Makena and ate at the Makena Grill, a tiny roadside stand with a grouchy lady who is an EXCELLENT cook. The food was amazing and we wish we had taken a picture.

After lunch we went to the black sand beach and guess who was swimming around? There were four small turtles swimming right in the shallow water. We enjoyed watching them swim and play.
Then my darling husband tried the "Ride the Wave" with his boss' family. He was actually pretty good! Here is a good shot of him riding the wave!
Then, on what was supposed to be our final night here, we took a picture of us in front of the sunset. The island in the distance is Lanai, a remote uninhabited island you can see from the beaches on South Maui. The sunset was really pretty.
The next day, we were supposed to leave....BUT a brushfire closed the road between us and the airport and we ended up with two more days on Maui at the Ritz Carlton. So far, no one has had pity on us. I guess I wouldn't either. There are worse things than being stuck in Hawaii.


eve said...

i am living vicariously through your blog, just so you know. so i am happy 'we' are stuck in hawaii for two more days, too! please continue to post pictures of amazing sunsets and beaches and turtles!

Sarah Jane said...

How fun!

Cherri said...

What luck to be stranded in Paradise!