Monday, June 15, 2009

Fantasy Island

So, we have been on Maui for a full two days now and I forgot how the island atmosphere relaxes me. The people are calm and laid back, my agenda includes going to the beach at some point, going to the pool at some point, and eating during the breaks. I really enjoy the simplicity that being here allows.

Our first evening here, we ate at a place called the Sea House on Napili Bay. The food was amazing, the service was great, but best of all, here is the view from our table.
Weston woke up early (9 am Utah time, 5 am Hawaii time) to take this amazing picture of the sunrise. It is sooooo pretty I may even go with him tomorrow to see it myself!
We went on a quick hike to see the Nakalele Blowhole. When we were here last fall, it was raging up to 70 feet high. Now, you can look straight down. Just don't fall in!!!!
Then, today we met up with Ashley who is seriously the most adorable person and amazing and wonderful and I love her to pieces. We are now Maui friends!! Her cruise stopped by while we were here so we spent today hanging out, swimming in Wailea Bay, going down water slides, attempting to snorkel and enjoying the beaches! Weston thought he belonged in the middle of the girls!
And the highlight so far, meet Pepper the Parrot. He sat on my arm, danced, and tried to bite anyone who wanted to take him away from me. Playing with huge parrots in paradise is my kind of vacation!
Can this also count as my belly picture for 15 weeks pregnant? It is way better when people aren't looking at my tummy and staring at the giant parrot instead!


eve said...

i'm so jealous!! relaxing on a beach sounds so good right now.
i love the 'belly pics'- you look so cute. although i cannot understand enjoying holding a giant bird whose claws are digging into your arms and who could flap his wings in your face, or worse yet, peck your eyes out! getting carried away here, but i am glad you aren't worried..
have fun!

Cherri said...

So fun to see these pictures.... I like the parrot one best!