Friday, June 26, 2009

Aloha Is A Way Of Life

Oh, I love Hawaii! The people are so relaxed and everything just moves so slow! On one of our "bonus" vacation days, Weston and I took a little walk to a place called Big Beach. We enjoyed the walk more than the beach itself which was brutally hot with no breeze.

On our little jungle trek Weston found this cool place to take a picture.
What you can't see is that right under this log was a little friend we decided not to bring home with us. This is an Asian Spiny-Backed Spider. He was cool looking, but we didn't want to get too close!
With our extra time, Mr. Darling took the time to practice his creativity with the camera. Here is a shot of our hotel elevator.
Then, when the rain came, the Ritz Carlton had a professional artist come in and give complimentary oil painting classes for anyone interested. Weston and I each painted a scene from our vacation. It was SO fun! This may be something we do again in the future!
One of our bonus sunsets from Ka'anapali Beach...complete with serene looking sailboats and technicolor clouds!
And here we are saying goodbye to the Ritz. We LOVE staying there and are so grateful for the generosity that allows us to experience this type of comfort in such a fun place!
Hopefully, this isn't our last trip to Hawaii, but it will probably be a while before we can go again! I am going to try and incorporate a little of the "Aloha" style into my life. After all, "'aloha' is more than a word of greeting, farewell or is a way of life. Aloha means mutual regard and affection and extends warmth in caring with no expectation of anything in return...Aloha is a gift to be shared."

And who wouldn't want to add that to their lives?

Aloha, Hawaii!!!!


Kimber said...

mmeh i look through all of these awesome hawaii pictures and I'm just so stinkin jealous! Looks like a beautiful blast you guys!

AMa said...

Love the elevator shot!

Cherri said...

I like the spider... what a cool bug. Poison probably on each spike. Your two oil paintings I expect to see hanging on the wall when we come up! What fun. Makes me want to book tickets right now!