Monday, April 7, 2008

MISSING: Coupon Section of the Newspaper REWARD!!!

This headline is what several businesses around town might be thinking this morning. I feel a little guilty for taking them, but then I think "do banks clip coupons?". Maybe they do. Maybe they feel the value of the dollar more keenly than anywhere else. However, after consulting my mom, she agrees that it probably would simply have made it into today's garbage and the coupons would have been lost.

Yesterday morning I woke up to go grab a morning paper and found myself looking at several lonely papers laying along the side of the road. A doctor's office, a couple of banks, and a physical therapists office all had their sunday news sitting there, ignored. So, I pulled over and rescued them. I still went and purchased my own paper but I soon had 5 copies. I went through each one and clipped all of the coupons. Then I rolled the news back up, sans coupons, and delivered them back where I found them. I know, I am a bit compulsive. But, I did save $$$$!

Then, after strategizing how I would most efficiently do my shopping today, I hit Walgreens at 8 am. Unfortunately, someone MORE savage than I am hit it first. All the sale toothpaste, batteries, and kleenex were gone. Well, I will try again on Thursday, I guess. Then, I went to Wal-Mart (not my favorite place but the Price Match, so oh well) and combined all the sales from around town with the coupons I savagely clipped. I saved $30 there! Yay!

Now I am at home, cleaning up, hanging out, and generally relaxing while the snow comes down in big fluffy white flakes outside. I am confused about how it is April and the snowflakes are the size of my head! It has been Spring for two weeks! I guess the upside is that it isn't sticking!

Tomorrow Weston comes home with my big surprise. I am way way way excited! He has sent me pictures and I just could not be any happier. I will post pics later. I will say to the world, however, that I have the BEST husband and I am the MOST spoiled wife. If you dispute these facts, we can have a contest, but I promise you I will win.

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