Friday, April 4, 2008


So, here we go again. I am about to drive Weston to the airport so he can fly far far away and do all sorts of fun things without me. Now, I am not jealous of this trip. In fact, I was invited but decided that the relationship with the in laws was better from about 600 miles away, at least right now. That is a totally different story though.

The story I am telling right now goes something like this. Once upon a time in a land just a little bit southeast of Provo there was a girl happily (ok, usually happily) married to Prince Charming. However, Prince Charming had many extended family member's and with a wedding every third weekend, family business required him to travel far far away to appear in photographs and deliver gifts and good wishes to the new bride(S) and groom(S). With his frequent traveling and his mother, the Queen, attempting to fit the entire family in a palace barely the size of a minivan (ok, fine, the size of something a bit larger than a minivan-maybe an F450 van?), the girl decided to stay home in her own palatial cottage and "rusticate". This left her free time that she didn't know what to do with, so she began a new string of hobbies....

And that is where I am at right now. In fact, my Prince Charming is in the backyard as we speak building me a planter box for the new vegetable garden that I plan on having this year. I think this is his way of saying he doesn't appreciate that I have saved numerous egg cartons, filled them with dirt, and put them in front of every south facing window in an attempt to start my seeds. Also, he likes fresh, yummy vegetables.

I have also gotten to watch nearly all of the films that he keeps bumping to the bottom of the netflix queue while trying to convince me that he got emails stating those films were all "long wait"....yeah, I'll believe that Dirty Dancing is "long wait" when someone points out a flying pig.
But I got to watch three BBC 6 hour period dramas (North & South, Wives & Daughters, & The Way We Live Now), cleaned my house, mined the internet for all sorts of "work from home" opportunities that I know I will never take, and spending money I would normally not spend (Hello, Shopbop!)

However, this weekend I have to be good. Weston is actually planning on bringing me home a BIG surprise. I know what it is, but I will still pretend to be surprised. In fact, I will be ecstatic!!! Lets just hope the measurements on the internet are correct!!!!

Anyway, if you're bored this weekend, let me know! We can watch chick flicks, go shopping, or just hang out, guy and guilt free!!!

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