Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Come Fly With Me

Today, after a tearful goodbye to Grandma, Abby and I flew all the way from Pensacola to Salt Lake City by ourselves!
Abby was a champ for most of the journey. On our first flight, at 5:30 in the morning (yuck!!!), Abby fell asleep right before take off. I got to snuggle with her the entire way to Atlanta. She is a great snuggler when she is sound asleep.
Then, we maneuvered her and her stuff and my stuff through the Atlanta airport. She is fascinated by airports. She made the cutest little noises all the way through the halls, on the train, and up and down some VERY long (and vertigo inspiring) escalators.
On the next flight, she said she wanted a window seat.
Abby was really good through the entire four hour flight. She only squawked a couple of times, but was generally very agreeable. The lady in the seat next to us adored her and all of our plane-mates complimented her on how good and happy she was. She accepted all of these compliments and rewarded her fan club with smiles and giggles. It was pretty cute to watch.

And, now we are back home and it is GORGEOUS here too. What a lucky duck I am to have such a great place to live. Everything is bright and blooming and colorful. It is good to be home!


jakeandjessicafillmore said...

so cute amanda! I am jealous you got to spend so much time at the beach! I remember when bella was 3 months old and we went to hawaii with her. I was so nervous about the long flight. She was great too on the plane. That was the last time she has seen the beach and a plane for that matter. Beaches are so relaxing and so fun for kids. Hopefully we can visit one this year. Sounds like you had a great trip. Welcome back!

prsd4tim2 said...

I really had a fun visit! Wish you could have stayed longer, but I know we'll get together again soon. I love you all.

eve said...

good to hear the flight went well- especially as it was just the two of you!
glad you're home safe!