Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sunny Side Up

I recently got a hair cut. I once again decided to get bangs. I immediately regretted it. 

But, then I got a few pictures taken (because I am vain and want a few more "skinny pictures" before chubby pictures.)

And now I don't hate my haircut so much.

Thank you, Berrio Photographers! You can check out their photo blog here:

Also, I don't think I like playing "crack the egg" on a trampoline. I ended up showing A LOT of leg. 

So, I can't not post my most embarrassing photo. I don't know why I insist on humiliating myself on the amazingly public and connected blogosphere.

And, I think I landed sunny side up....


eve said...

woo-woo!! i love the looks on your faces, though.
and, i really like your bangs. (your hair is amazing.)
i want to see more pictures.. angie always does an awesome job.

Jake and Jessica Fillmore said...

I LOVE the photos. I haven't played that game forever- your sunny side up photo made me smile. So funny and cute!

Jake and Jessica Fillmore said...

Wait a minute!!! Amanda I just scrolled to see the rest of your blog- CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! HOW EXCITING!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! The best is yet to will LOVE being a mother and I know you will the be the best one!

Cherri said...

Oh my those photos made me laugh out loud. Loved it!