Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rise And Shout, The Cougars Are Out

And I am not talking about single, older women. Congratulations, brother of mine, on graduating from BYU....I know Mother & Father are very proud of you and Mr. Darling and I are too.

Here are some photos of this momentous event!
Here are my mother and brother doing what I believe to be the "happy dance" at the "Campus is our world" sign.
Brother and the two people that made it all possible.

Brother accepting the important document (or a replication....)
Showing the Cougar who's boss.
Super duper happy!
All of the munchkins...
The whole fam....
I think this qualifies as "put on a happy face!"

Congratulations, dear brother! I hope that the future is as bright as that smile....

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prsd4tim2 said...

As I finally just saw this, thanks very much for being proud of me. I'm proud of me, too ;) (love, Sean)