Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And Life Goes On

So, sometime in the middle of last week (On Callie's First Birthday, in fact) Weston and I became and Uncle and Aunt respectively. Remarkably, nothing changed. Our lives are exactly the same as they were before. I guess I expected to feel something, but no. I found that I was neither happy nor sad. Perhaps it is because the event simply does not affect me at all.

Oh, sure, the gatherings with the in laws are going to be noisier and thus fewer, but other than that, my life remains unchanged.

In more eventful & important news, Callie turned a year old! My darling little puppy is growing up! She is now considered "full grown" and has tipped the scales at a miniscule 41 pounds. Now, on the one hand this is fantastic. She is still small enough that I can pick her up and carry her home. When she is curled up, she fits just right on my lap. I am sure she is grateful that she didn't get so large that she doesn't fit between me and the stove when I am cooking. However, now I get to have the following conversation three times a day every day for the rest of our lives together:

Ignorant Bystander: "Oh, what a cute puppy!!! What kind of dog is it?"

Me: "She's a lab."

IB: "Really? She's so small! How old is she?"

ME: "She's a year old"

IB: "Oh, really? What is she mixed with?"

Me: "She's pure bred, just a little smaller than usual."

IB: "Really? Are you sure? I haven't ever seen a purebred lab that color."

ME: "Yes, she is considered the darkest shade of yellow. Its called fox red."

IB: "Hmm, she looks like she might have some golden retriever and maybe something else mixed in."

ME: "No, she is 100% lab. We have her papers."

IB: "Hmm, well, ok.......?" (IB Walks away thinking I am dumber than a sack of rocks. I walk away wishing I had a sack of rocks to hit IB with)

Well, I suppose that is the price that must be paid for having the absolutely most adorable dog in the world. To all those who read, let this be a lesson to you. Dogs are cuter than babies. Except my babies, which will (of course) be cuter than any dog you might stumble across. However, puppies will trump all babies every time. Sorry, but that is life.

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