Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Well, it HAS been awhile, hasn't it!

While I imagine that this particular blog has received very few hits, I think that perhaps it should be maintained. After all, when I google my name I want something to come up. With that in mind, I think I shall grace the canon of the internet with our goings on. Life is fairly short and sweet and we should record our minor successes in life. In January, I awoke on a sunday mornng to find that my refrigerator was standing in a shallow pool of water that most definitely had NOT been invited in the house. Being an industrious house wife who prides herself on a sterile kitchen, I promptly mopped up the mess. Then, like most christians, I got dressed and ready for church (after putting dinner in the crockpot of course, but that is a different blog).

Well wouldn't you know that upon arriving home from church a shallower, more puddle like pool had appeared under the refrigerator. Also an uninvited guest, I called for Mr. Darling to assist me with explaining to my new visitor that neither he nor any of his kind were welcome in my home. We also examined the refrigerator and freezer and made a ghastly discovery. It was warm inside. Not balmy lets put on our swimsuits warm, but definitely not the antarctic of our house. It seems that title had fallen on the master closet for the time being (which apparently has NO insulation and is directly on the corner of the house over our garage, also another story)

With a few quick calls, we ascertained that our refrigerator was not going to be freezing our food, cooling our milk, or keeping our ice cream at exactly the perfect stage between rock hard and too soft until we made some repairs. In my fury at our refrigerator. I ordered him out of my house. He was thus banished to the garage and the kind people at Mountainland Design took pity on me and a new refrigerator was ordered. Only, it wasn't. Not quite anyway.

I was most clear on the fact that a white refrigerator would be necessary to cool my food to the proper temperatures while still adorning my kitchen with the proper degree of panache. Apparently Whirlpool had other ideas. They must have felt a black refrigerator was a better choice, since they sent that instead. Of course, I am not one to be stepped on by the man or have my decisions made by a multi-million dollar corporation, so I promptly sent it back.

10 days of no refrigerator does make one appreciate modern conveniences. On the 10th day of coming up with meal plans that involved nothing cooled or frozen, my refrigerator appeared in my driveway with two very large gentleman to deliver it. Happily, my new refrigerator has vowed that for the rest of our lives together, (which will probably only be a few years where it is covered under warranty), that no further puddles will appear in my kitchen.

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