Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dilly Dally Dolly

 This is the story of Abby and the Matryoshka. I am saving it forever in blogland so I can remember and laugh about it in the years to come. I promise to never show these to any of Abby's future boyfriends (unless it just happens to come up :) )

When my sweet husband served his mission for our church, he lived in a far away land called 'Ukraine' for two years. In this strange and wonderful place, they make magic dolls. Dolls that hold smaller and smaller dolls inside of them. These dollies are called Matryoshkas.

Abby loves to play with the dollies her daddy brought back with him.
She thinks the big dolly is fun, but stacking the dollies in all different combinations happens to be one of the funnest things of all!
So she stacks them...
And stacks them a different way...
And then a different way, yet again.

But sometimes, Abby likes to play jokes on her Daddy. One day, when Weston was letting Abby play with the nicest of the Matryoshka dolls (the above dollies are her 'everyday' play set) he forgot to take away the Baby Matryoshka. The baby matryoshka is so small, she is barely bigger than a grain of rice. And the painting on her is (was) exquisite.

And Abby thought it was so fun to hide the baby matryoshka in her mouth.

And then, Abby's Daddy couldn't find the baby any more. Until the next day.
And now her paint isn't so exquisite. But she is very very clean after multiple baths and a week or so covered in baking soda. 

Now, Abby isn't allowed to play with the baby matryoshka doll.

And the whole matryoshka family has been reunited!

The End.


Scottie and Megany said...

hahahaha i love that! so.. did she eat the tiny lil doll then and poop it out just for daddy to find it?! good girl! lol jk but that is a cute post

Kimber and Casey said...

BAHAHA! That is disgustingly hilarious!!! oh my goodness, so glad you shared that

Sacajawea said...


Cherri said...

What a diligent investigative diaper changer someone must have been!