Friday, February 11, 2011

Over The River and Through The Woods

This weekend, my darling family an I made the trek to Arizona to visit Abby's grandparents. The weather was such a luscious break from the ice and cold here at home. We were able to walk to the park and swing on the swing sets, which this darling little girl just LOVED!
Then, she slid down the slides ALL BY HERSELF! Seriously, she is growing up way way too fast!

Then, she tried to climb back up the slides all by herself. Silly Abby!
Of course, we made our annual trip (or two) to Tia Rosa's which has seriously the best salmon tacos ever. But don't go to the one in Gilbert, make the trip to the one in Mesa. WAY BETTER!
Abby got to practice not stealing toys from other babies. 
and she got to show her Granny and Grandpa exactly how fussy she can be when she is cutting teeth. Oh, yes, teeth. And we had to travel with her, all cooped up for hours. Poor Abby. Poor us!
And now we are home, it is cold, and Mr Darling is due home tonight from a business trip. And Abby's grandparents should get here around the same time.

It will be a fun weekend with a baby blessing to boot! Yay!


prsd4tim2 said...

Abby sure had fun in the park. Love the delight on her face on the swing! I hope to come visit soon. Maybe when I do, it will be warmer and we can go to the park. Love you.

Cherri said...

Thanks bunches for braving the trip.... drugs next time. :)