Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I live in a valley of wonders. I am silenced daily by the beauty that surrounds me on all sides.
Last week, we were blessed with a thick, wet snowfall that covered our little corner of the valley with nearly eighteen inches of snow. I hear groans, but really, its amazing, gorgeous, and even fun.
It would have been a shame to simply sit indoors, so we all bundled up and headed out into the frozen world to see what we could see.
And what we saw amazed us. I love how the snow makes everything seem fresh and clean. I love that you can grab a simple disc and head down a hill at breakneck speed with a small degree of safety.
Abby went down the hill over and over. She laughed and waved her arms. She is a true champion, and I promise you, she has no fear....unless you wear glasses :) Right now those frighten her a little bit.
So, another first has come and gone and we had fun and will cherish the memories. My brother and sister were both in town, so we were able to go as a family. I really do enjoy having company. The effort is worth the reward. And now my house is empty again and I am cleaning up and putting away. Tomorrow, I will take down the Christmas tree. But today, I am just enjoying the memories of a sweet Christmas all together and praying that this new year will be free of some of the challenges we encountered in 2010.

So, Happy [belated] New Year to all of you. 
I hope that this year, all of your wildest wishes come true!


Kimber and Casey said...

that last pic is so cute! i miss that girl! let's hope for a lot of new snowfall soon so we can go with you guys!

prsd4tim2 said...

OK, I'm really sorry I missed this adventure. So cute. I can just see Abby sledding down the hill, laughing. What fun. Thanks again for a wonderful Christmas. Sure do miss you.