Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mother's Helper

Hi, Mama!

Hi, Abby! Wanna help me with the laundry?
That is a lot of laundry....

I guess I could help.

Is this helpful?
How about this?
Or, this?
Uh, Oh, Abby.

And, for all of you Abby admirers in diverse places, please enjoy Abby's new skill. My life is about to change...


Hill Family said...

its about to get crazy!

Kimber and Casey said...

what!? she's crawling! wowsers! can't wait to see it myself in just a few weeks!!!!!

prsd4tim2 said...

Yes, you're right. Life is about to get more interesting. Enjoy.

Scottie and Megany said...

no way!! that is so awesome! and by the way i loved your lil laundry story. sooo cute!