Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baby Got Back

One of my beautiful friends introduced me to a website that both entertains me and grosses me out. Depending on how steady your stomach is, you may want to drop by and find out exactly why Americans are growing in obesity at some incredible rate. Each food item is more poisonous than the last and in between gagging and laughing, I think "Holy crap, did some one eat that?"
The above is a deep fried moon pie. That is two vanilla cakes with a vanilla creme filling that is then dipped in yummy chocolate glaze. Then, battered and fried and topped with powdered, yum? or maybe ick? I can't decide!
Here we have the "A fifteen inch deep-fried hot dog topped with jalapeƱos, habanero chili sauce, coleslaw, diced tomatoes and a mound of cheese." I have a brother in law who could eat it, but if I look at it too long, I feel a bit sick!

And, for the final installment, you can admire the meatloaf cake. Meatloaf with carrots frosted with mashed potatoes and ketchup. Really, who thought this up?!

But if you would like to see more, feel free to head over to "This Is Why You're Fat" and see more *delicious* concoctions like deep fried Texas Grilled Cheese, Bacon Cinnamon Rolls, or Bacon Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks. All I know is that now I really want a salad!

Also, I have read this article a couple of times and every time it fascinates me. It is political and it is about hypocrisy. I LOVE it!,21985,25344492-5000117,00.html


Kimber said...

oh my goodness! Those are so crrazy!!!!!!! where in the world did you find that site!?!?! haha

jakeandjessicafillmore said...

how amusing/fascinating . I think I will check out the obesity site.