Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Me And You And A Dog Named Boo

"We all get along can you?"

My dearest husband currently lays his hat in San Francisco. I am in Spanish Fork. This presents quite the problem when I am cold at night, when I get scared, or when I need to get a jar lid off.

However, it seems to provide a great deal of
 amusement for Mr Darling. This is a photo he snapped with his snazzy Apple phone product while exploring the San Francisco downtown area. 

In truth, he was just visiting Apple Mecca, the San Francisco Apple Flagship Store, which he can describe to you in greater detail than he can currently describe our wedding dinner without photographic reminders. To explain that, when Weston dreams of his happy place, it is an Apple Flagship Store. He loves the smell, the packaging, the emo-dressed kids with all the latest news on Apple's newest projects. In short, 
it gives me a run for my money.

But these pictures are HILARIOUS and I am so glad that Mr. Darling knew how much I would like them and paid the residency-challenged individual $1 for the privilege of taking this picture.

Mr Darling summed up the experience thusly:

"Here are the funny pictures I took tonight. They were just Walking around the streets like it was no big deal, people everywhere. If you want better pics, you can go to his website...if you can believe it, the website address was taped to the side of his money cup :-)"

If you too are interested, the website is www.helpdogcatrat.com.  It has really cool pictures and a funny video. It also requests paypal donations but they aren't mandatory. I have to wonder if this guy makes more than I do selling photos of his well-trained pets. 

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eve said...

that is awesome! i just want to know (or maybe not) how he got them to do that! when is your husband coming home?! we need to get together..